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Yes Ma'am, It Stands For Wittle Tuff Ferrets by Roqi
Yes Ma'am, It Stands For Wittle Tuff Ferrets
"It's a children's book series! It's very cute! They, um, fight rat crime. Totally."

I saw a girl in a beanie with a big WTF at the front, and I thought, yeah. That's Ineku. That's her style, exactly. And every time a sternly concerned adult asked if she knew what it stood for, she'd innocently deliver a different explanation.


Ah, I haven't drawn anything purely digitally in literally forever, but my hand is ok enough these days that I braved it, and did this little thing. Also, I realized I hadn't drawn Ineku in color, with her newish colors, so.

Back when I was a worse artist, I used to draw my characters with the same pasty white skin color (mine) and a certain mix of similar physiological traits (mine), but what I'm doing now is playing catch'em all with all varieties of human beings. :XD:

All mine, (C) donut steel, etc!
Career Opportunities by Roqi
Career Opportunities
"Well, that's actually not very comforting at all."


I had this little convo clattering around in my head for a while, so I thought why not see how making a little comic would work out now. I missed comiccraft. And, I had those screentone brushes laying around, so this was a good opportunity to try them out! I LOVE THEM. I miight have overdone it a bit lol. But the manga look makes my inner filthy weeb very happy. :giggle: Screentones are much more visually interesting than just plain grayscale fills, I think.

It's sorta lame because it's just talking and nothing happens, I know, but heyyy... Gotta start somewhere.

It took a lot of effort to try and make this fairly understandable without, uhm, context, so I'd very much appreciate feedback on that.

To explain, this is a scene with two of my characters, from before my rp with Yuriakashu.
She's leaving to work in... a dangerous place, and he's worried... Basically:

"pls come back ok, don't die on me like all the others did"
"don't worry i don't wanna die rn either"
"...rn. ok then"

I could have saved myself a lot of panels there huh

Everything by meee.
Took prolly about... 10 hours. Not bad.
sketch dump, vol. II by Roqi
sketch dump, vol. II
I've done a few sketch dumps in the meantime, but this is really a sequel to this. Featuring a lot of the same characters which, mercifully, this time I've labelled. It was a sort of self-conscious modesty back then to not label them -- I was like, "Nobody who's not my long-time watcher and friend is gonna look at this, and they all know my characters".

Well now my long-time watcher friends don't have to recognize all my characters--!

I considered redoing some drawings from back then, but while it'd be interesting to look at, it turned out to be too boring in execution. :XD:

There is a lot of faces because while I have some handle on body anatomy, head/face anatomy has been lagging behind. So I've been working a lot on that. It's good to do something like this every once in a few years, because with the time skip you can actually see the improvement, and it feels super good and motivational. And also because otherwise, I would likely lose some of those sketchies.

I'm extra proud of those profiles, the ducks in a row in the upper left. Drawing side-views used to be so difficult, now it's like... the easiest. ;3;

Another funny thing is that once, almost any of those would have made a separate deviation. Now I don't feel like they're worth the honor. Although, that cool-pose-Why comes close.

That Susan full-body shot to the right, I drew her in an outfit that was a tiny doodle on that previous sketch dump!

About Why's hat -- he used to wear a fedora back when it didn't have those... recent connotations with a certain type of young man. (I also used to wear a fedora back in those days. *sheds a tear for times lost, never to come back*) Now that he's not Earth-bound I could change it to a fictional fashion trend, a lilypad hat! Its brim is like a lilypad leaf! It's cool! Everybody wants one.

Kuba got a different hairdo, which is definitely superior to the mohawk+mullet combo he used to sport. Whose idea even was that thing.

Is Alanna cute? She's meant to be super cute.

Now that Audi's out of AALC I don't draw her much, but she's plantigrade now, like any rat should be. Not that you can see it much on this sole drawing of her, but the leg proportions are different.

That human Sheloe... does she look familiar? ;)

look, I stopped slouching... almost...

Everything belongs to me except for Solasta who is Luppa's. :heart:
What You Did by Roqi
What You Did
Whatchu even do that for?

To celebrate #Inktober in a special way, I decided to waste use half of my ink bottle filling in black. :'D The gray was added in PS, thank the gods.

Ughh, the desire to do a comic, it is real. But I don't have the stamina for it.

My cute children. Why and Sue. In all black for some reason. Though I'm sure Why's shirt is pink. I don't know. I have no idea what's up with the caption either, it just ended up looking like he was saying just that. I guess you're in trouble.

What did you do?
Kazuno by Roqi
Kazuno (KAZ-oo-noh). A minor God. Patron of thieves, beggars, con-men, magicians, poets, fishermen and others who earn their keep through wit and trickery. It is said that if you meet Kazuno and kiss him on the face, he will grant you a wish -- but if you show any fear or disgust, Kazuno may playfully turn the wish against you. He is most often shown with fish, strings of cowrie shells, and a cloak made of the skin of the bear-god Pord, his rival. Literal worship of Kazuno, as with all old Gods, has gone nearly extinct in the modern day, however some still wear his symbol -- a cow skull with one horn pointing upwards, and one downwards -- as a good luck charm. He also survives in language. To "kiss Kazuno" or to "kiss the [cow's] skull" is used to describe a risky, but worthwhile undertaking.

I decided to kiss Kazuno and ask my boss for a raise.

He had his eyes on her for a while, so he finally kissed the skull and asked Anya for a coffee.

"Small Dictionary Of: Mythology", L. Zaman


Putting my story in a completely new world, instead of a slightly altered Earth, was a brilliant idea. Now I can make up ALL OF THE THINGS.

This is not a texture, I actually drew on this chunky paper, like here. Not recommended with a dip pen, it kept snagging... hence the blot. Ehh.

Prolly like 3-4 hours.
Hello friends! I have been struck with a sudden desire to write a journal, so here I am. Incredibly, this is the first one this year (man I've really as good as quit dA...). I suspect my birthday next week may have something to do with it -- writing a journal is a way of reflecting on how things have been going. :P And I just feel like talking to people. But be warned, this will be rambling. And sad. Birthdays always make me sad.

So... first, the subject of many of my previous journals, the blasted hand. Well, back in October, I had finally found a competent orthopedist, a specialist in hand and arm problems. Turns out, it's "just" an inflamed repeated motion injury. I'm glad it's nothing more serious, as hard as this is to heal anyway. But he also found something much more interesting. Holding down my hand, he moved the ulna (one of the forearm bones) around, and told me, your joints are loose. It's genetic, just the way you're built. You're flat-footed too, right?

You shouldn't do strength exercises at all, he says. No lifting for you.

Well, he was very right. My knees have been wonky since high-school, the kneecaps shifting to the outer sides, not wanting to stay where they're supposed to. The flat-footed-ness. How my toes have been cracking ever since childhood. I'm like a puppet with loose strings, all clattery. The cacophony of cracking I can make is incredible.

Since then, my popping ankle has started to hurt in much the same way as my wrist, making it difficult to walk. Looking at anatomy charts, I'm pretty sure I know which tendon it is, even. My elbows pop too, I'm just waiting for them to start going. My left hand too. It's like, a joint gets uncomfortable and won't bend normally, and I have to do a quick, snapping movement to "pop" the misplaced tendon back in its groove. This, of course, damages the tendon as it rubs against the bone, and eventually gets bad enough that an inflammation begins.

I'll be living with chronic pain that's going to worsen with age all my life, and I'm still trying to come to terms with that.

In my dreams I'm frequently a dragon, cutting through air with my powerful wings, smashing through windows as glass shards harmlessly bounce off my scales, breathing fire down at whatever I don't like.

So, yeah, uh, depressing much? xD My activity is very limited. My hand has been, thankfully, a lot better since I've been committed to resting and stretching it, so I can draw or vidya for an hour or two. Still have to be very careful not to bend the wrist or something, or it'll hurt for days afterwards. I really don't know what to do. I can't get a job. Doing something repetitively for eight or more hours would kill me. Maybe that's inevitable. I'm trying to gently exercise, get the blood flowing, taking alternating hot and cold showers, in hopes that it will help, make me more... mobile. We'll see.

I miss what dA used to be, for me. I used to be so excited to upload art, to show it off, now when I draw it just goes into the pile in the back of my cabinet. Dunno-- this entire thing just lost its appeal, somehow. I was thinking about deleting everything in my gallery, even, but it's fun to look back at it all sometimes. Even if I backed up all the pics, I wouldn't be able to save all the comments and convos on the deviations. :c And those were always the best part, after all.

Oddly enough, despite everything, I've not been in such a bad place mentally. Or not as bad as I were sometimes. I'm kinda just peacefully drifting, doing whatever I can, not getting mad when I can't. Might just be the antidepressants, though, LOL. Still, it's good. Lying in bed and thinking is not physically draining, so that's what I've been doing, and it led me to actually writing some OC stuff. The ten short stories I have may yet end up being chapters. Who knows.

Don't think I haven't been stalking all of ye. >3> Here, and on Tumblr and Facebook for those I have there. BUT ANYWAY. Whether you read all of the crap above, or just scrolled to the bottom, SAY HI AND TALK TO ME. Tell me what's crackin'. How's life been treating you?
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I'm not a quitter, I just get bored quickly.

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