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See me
I'm still standing
I might be bleeding
But I'm still breathing

You might hate me
But you can't break me
I might be bleeding
But I'm still breathing

I'll never surrender
'Cause I'm a renegade
What, what you want some
Come and get some
Pussy motherfucker
I got you where you live nigga
Me, you will never control, no
Genocidal maniacal

Devil, the party's over
I'm a renegade
A runaway slave
I've been dreaming about my freedom
On the underground train
It's Armageddon you're getting, just what you wanted
Critical mass, freedom at last, freedom at last

Hed PE - Renegade

Always been his song.

This is sort of what I planned for Esteban before, well, things went belly up. He'd have eventually mutated into some sort of an insectoid dragon/dragonish insect, and then... but maybe I'll still do something with that plot someday, so I'll shut up. ;P


I'm enjoying these markers! Dx And I used to hate them so much... It's just that you can't make them not dirty and messy so you have to work with it rather than against it... The process on this went like this: first I sketched it and took a picture, then happily and messily painted over it, and then inked his outline while looking at the photo.

I faced a bit of a dilemma when it came to drawing Estie's crotch. On one hand, I knew he wouldn't be wearing any pants when on some monstrous rampage (would you?). On the other, if I detailed out his ol' honker, it'd be a bit... distracting. :| So, it just swung back with momentum, alrighty? No mutant dicker for you.

Oh, and his wing? It's his left one, actually. If you remember his scar, now you know that his right wing started growing muuch earlier-- and thinking it some nasty tumor or something, he had a mate hold him down and cut it off. I'm actually proud of the concept of the wing, which is a wing like a bird's with butterfly wings sprouting from it like feathers... dunno it I did it justice.

I did not use any refs when approximating these muscles, so it's far from perfect, but I'm still proud of how far I've come anatomy-wise.

Around four hours. Brush markers, ink, and some white acrylic paint for some subtle highlights.
Why by Roqi
I just have no patience for more elaborate titles nowadays. x'D

Wayne "Why" White, my oldest character... not age-wise, existence-wise. I said it in the description of a picture of his sister and I'll say it again, it feels so good to draw your ocs the way you always wanted them to look like.

I hate the way his lips look, but I got tired of redrawing them ahah. Also, his ear... I sketched it all pretty like and was super proud, but then I remembered that's his mangled ear of which less than half remains, and which he tends to cover up with hair. Go figure. :P

Ink and ink and ink. Love ink.
Hesperos by Roqi
I got a betta and he is gorgeous. ;.;

Here, I decided to work with the inevitable smudging of my markers... and do the actual definition/lineart with ink over it. ;P Worked nicely, I think.
Old Town by Roqi
Old Town
One weird place...

Drew/painted this without any sort of a sketch or guide, so the perspective and proportions are... odd. That cat is fuckhuge. xD

Brush markers.
Midnight Mind by Roqi
Midnight Mind
Pretty much just sitting there.

I was going for clean lines and shapes here, but I went with pretty much the worst medium for that, so then I just rolled with it. I fixed the worst of the leaking around the face in photoshop, though, huh.

Brush markers & colored pencils.
Hey. Hey. So. I know I've been terribly inactive. There are a few reasons for that, and I'll list them -- not as excuses, but as explanations.

- I can't draw because I'm trying to rest my hand.
- Looking at others' art and talking about it makes me wanna draw, and that's sad and frustrating.
- I'm generally, how to say it, put off by dA. I dislike their recent choices and policies and I want to be part of this community less and less.
- And, well, I guess, just a shift in interests.

So yeah. I'm sorry for not commenting on your wonderful artwork as much as I used to. I still look at it all...!
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I'm not a quitter, I just get bored quickly.

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